My recent mural work was commissioned for the interior and exterior areas of the Palm Elementary school grounds. They desired a “color lift” to their Peace Garden that included their mascot. We completed a total of 3 murals and left a lasting mark on the school that inspired a sense of school pride. The students, teachers and administration enjoyed the murals so much that they decided to take their class pictures in front of the murals for their yearbook from now on.

Mural 1: Interior of the school which brightly showcased their school mascot, the Panda, in their Peace Garden. (25ft X 10 ft)


The interior mural is a main pathway for students who pass through daily. A main component of the mural creation included the inclusion of students from Palm Elementary who benefited from the opportunity.

Photo: A group of some of the students who participated in the mural creation. Many of the students shared that when they grew up they would like to make more murals and become full time artists.




The 2nd and 3rd exterior mural area faces a high traffic area. It is two 25 ft X 10ft  back to back spaces.


The students learned how to work together to beautify their school. They took ownership and were empowered to use their artistic abilities to make a difference in their school environment.